Announcing our Advisory Board

Announcing Medicotec's Advisory Board

We are proud to introduce the first round of our Advisory Board at Medicotec. Comprised of 40 experienced professionals from diverse industries, our board brings together a wealth of knowledge and experience that will guide our mission and vision.

Our board members include internationally recognized Senior Executives, Medical Doctors, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs, Chartered Accountants, Visionary Business and Technology Leaders, and experienced professionals across a wide range of areas including strategic planning, marketing, international business development, medical devices, regulatory affairs, quality assurance, team building, and cybersecurity.

With a diverse range of expertise spanning healthcare, emergency medicine, life sciences, education, neuroradiology, strategic planning, marketing, international trade development, legal affairs, corporate governance and business analysis, our board members bring a unique perspective and invaluable insights to our organization.

Our board members have had the privilege of working with some of the most influential companies globally, including Apple, IBM, Motorola, Microsoft, Disney, Adobe, Amazon, HP, Siemens, EY, Abbott Laboratories, Medtronic, Aerie Pharmaceuticals, Eagle Pharmaceuticals, Actavis, Alpharma, and Purepac Pharmaceutical. Their collective experience with these industry giants brings a wealth of knowledge and unique insights to our organization.

This diverse background and wealth of experience make our board members uniquely equipped to guide us in our mission and vision. We are excited about the wealth of knowledge they bring to our team and look forward to their contributions.

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