Credence 2023, Ahalia Hospital, Abu Dhabi Nursing Conference

Credence 2023, Ahalia Hospital, Abu Dhabi Nursing Conference

Our Regional Director, Mr. Dheeraj Khatore, had the distinct honor of speaking about Artificial Intelligence and Medicotec at the illustrious Ahalia Hospital, Abu Dhabi Nursing Conference Credence 2023 last Sunday.

In a captivating discourse, Mr. Khatore explored the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence in Nursing, illustrating how AI can revolutionize the nursing profession and enhance patient care outcomes.

A highlight of his presentation was the unveiling of Medicotec‘s trailblazing feasibility study on utilizing AI for early detection of paediatric sepsis. He guided the audience through our inventive approach, explaining how intricate machine learning algorithms were employed to dissect complex medical data.

Our innovative research aims to facilitate earlier detection and intervention, potentially safeguarding lives and improving the prognosis in this critical area of paediatric care.

The response from attendees was truly overwhelming! The keen interest and the palpable enthusiasm mirrored the relevance of our work in the swiftly progressing world of healthcare.

By sharing our research at such a prestigious event, we aspire to incite more conversation, collaboration, and innovation in the realm of AI and healthcare. We’re thrilled about what the future holds and are committed to driving the evolution of nursing and medical practices through cutting-edge AI technology.

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